Econ‐5000 Conference Host

Key Features • Number of standard mounting units: 20 can be connected in a single channel, up to 60 conference units can be mounted on the system, the longest line length can be up to 100 meters, support multi-level expansion connection, expandable up to 5000 microphones• Equipped with four-in, one-out SDI video matrix, you can directly control up to four HD camera balls, complete automatic image switching in video conferencing (HD SDI needs to be optional, factory default is standard definition), support camera auto-tracking• With 1 RS232 interface, It can be connected to a computer or a central control system to make calls

Key features

Number of standard mounting units: 20 single connections, up to 60 conference units in the system, up to 100 meters of line length, multi-level expansion connection, expandable up to 5000 microphones

•  Support automatic camera tracking

•  With 1 RS232 interface, it can be connected to a computer or central control system for the function control of the microphone and host and the signing and voting of the meeting

It can cooperate with the dedicated conference host tracking connector to directly control the HD video switching matrix to complete the automatic switching of HD video

•  Built-in sign-in voting function, cooperate with the microphone for sign-in voting, no need for computer cooperation

•  Built-in DSP adaptive audio processor for maximum audible rejection

•  Support software control and support central control system control, can be connected with the backup host, to achieve double backup of the host

•  Comes with 2 sets of three-band equalization lines for individual adjustment of microphone output and microphone speaker sound

•  Fire alarm interface, which can be linked with the fire system to ensure the safety of participants

•  Large color display, intuitive and clear graphical interface, advanced management and control functions, graphical interface design, display of all functional items and setting operation information and basic information of unit work, beautiful and fashionable

Power supply :

  AC 100V ‐ 240V 50 / 60Hz

Power Consumption :

  Standard < 240W

Frequency Response :

  20 ‐ 25000Hz (±3dB)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio :

  > 80dB (A)

Dynamic range :

  > 90dB

Total harmonic distortion :

  < 0.1% @ 1KHz

Channel crosstalk :

  > 80dB

Display :

    Large color display

Panel Type :


Ambient temperature and humidity requirements :

  ‐20~60℃ / 0‐95%(non-condensing)

Waterproof :

  rainproof, dustproof, salt spray

Dimension (H × W × D) :

  88 × 482 × 321mm

Weight :



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