Dual 6.5" 2-way, Enclosed Full Frequency Speaker

Key Features

• Dual 6.5-inch binary full frequency design, with a power of up to 250W, can meet the needs of various near-field applications in various places

• Good language expression, easy to achieve clear and natural vocal effects within the coverage range

• Good transient response and large dynamic design can easily meet the sound requirements of large dynamic karaoke

• The fully enclosed box structure design ensures good electroacoustic characteristics even when installed in a narrow space

• The outstanding electroacoustic performance ensures excellent sound quality characteristics and can provide excellent performance for various application scenarios

• The newly designed near-field circular waveguide can provide a coverage control range of up to 135 ° and can be installed horizontally or vertically at will

• Newly designed ultra-thin and high-strength box, redefined customized embedded installation method, showcasing the style of a master

Frequency Range (-10 dB)1 :

  90 Hz - 20 kHz

Frequency Response (±3 dB)2 :

  150 Hz - 20 kHz

Sensitivity (1w@1m)3 :

  92 dB

Nominal Impedance :

  4 Ohms

Peak Maximum SPL :

  122 dB

Power Rating :


Coverage Pattern5(H x V) :


Dimension (H x W x D) :

  Panel: 1046 x 285 x 2 mm

  Box: 994 x 240 x 119 mm

  Hole: 1000 x 246 ,Deepth:>125 mm

Net Weight :

  17.3 kg

LF Driver :

  2 x 6.5" Cloth edge press paper basin,1.37" voice coil

HF Driver :

  1 x 1",1 x 1.73" voice coil,Titanium film 

Enclosure Construction :

  Special wooden board for speakers, black matte baked paint

Color :


1. Under free field conditions in half space (fixed on the wall)
2. Under 2 free field conditions
3. Average value of 100 Hz-10 kHz under free field conditions in 3 half spaces
4. Continuous pink noise power refers to the continuous loading of a pink noise signal with a peak factor of 6 dB as specified in IEC for 100 hours, while peak power refers to the loading of a pink noise signal with a peak factor of 6 dB as specified in IEC for 2 hours
5. 500 Hz - 4 kHz

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