T-C06 is a full frequency ceiling speaker with high cost-effectiveness. Adopting a wide-angle design, it can provide a great range of sound field coverage; The electroacoustic characteristics of high power, low distortion, and wide frequency response make it suitable for applications with certain requirements for sound quality. Outstanding performance ensures excellent sound characteristics, providing pleasant sound within the coverage range. Configure high-quality audio transformers that can be distributed and mounted on fixed voltage transmission lines of 70V/100V. When not using a transformer, a 16 ohm fixed resistance method can be used, which can be used for multi-point parallel installation without the need to purchase expensive fixed voltage amplifiers. The front white adsorption mesh cover accelerates the convenience of installation. The soundproof mesh is laid inside the mesh cover to ensure the speaker is moisture-proof and dustproof. Enable the speaker to function properly in harsh environments.

6.5" 2-way Coaxial Ceiling LoudSpeaker

Key Features

• Compact professional ceiling mounted 6.5 "full frequency speake

• Excellent electroacoustic characteristics that can provide excellent performance for various application scenarios

• Wide angle design provides great coverage

• Equipped with 16 ohm and 70V/100V constant voltage input ports, allowing for free selection of multi-point fixed resistance parallel or fixed voltage transmission line connection methods

• Frequency division design with multiple overload protection circuit

• Equipped with an all metal enclosed cavity shell, it can meet the needs of ceiling installation in multiple locations

Frequency Range (-10 dB) :

  90 Hz - 19 kHz

Frequency Response (±3 dB) :

  94 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity(1w@1m) :

  92 dB

Nominal Impedance :

  16 Ohms

Maximum SPL:

  106 dB (Peak:112 dB)

Power Rating :

  40W / 80W / 160W(Continuous2/Program/Peak)

Coverage Pattern (H x V) :

  120° Conical coverage

Gear selection :

  Constant pressure100V: 40W / 20W / 10W / 5W

  Constant pressure70V: 20W / 10W / 5W / 2.5W

  Fixed resistance: 16 Ohms

Dimension (H x D) :

  256 mm x 235 mm

Ceiling Cutout :

  225 mm

Net Weight :

  3.75 Kg / 只

Security certification  :

  The transformer complies with UL OBMW2.E344055 standard

LF Driver :

  1 x 6.5" Paper Cone,Rubber Surround

HF Driver :

  1 x 0.75" PEI dome

Material :


Color :


1.Measurement under full space (4 π) conditions
2.IEC standard, conducting a 2-hour test using pink noise with a peak factor of 6 dB within the effective frequency range