产品描述EC-C04T 标准 86 底盒设计,全镜面电容屏设计,主 打炫酷和物联网;采用 32 位嵌入式 SOC 处理器,内 部集成 SDRAM;支持 JPEG 图片压缩、矢量字库,多 语言一键切换;支持常用组态控件和 LUA 脚本,图 文刷新更快,可实现内部逻辑运算和自定义协议; 支持类似安卓滚动、滑动特效;RS485 通讯。

Product Description

EC-C04T standard 86 bottom box design, full mirror capacitive screen design, focusing on cool and IoT; Adopting a 32-bit embedded SOC processor with internal integration of SDRAM; Supports JPEG image compression, vector font library, and one click switching for multiple languages; Supports commonly used configuration controls and LUA scripts, with faster graphic and text refresh, enabling internal logical operations and custom protocols; Supports scrolling and sliding effects similar to Android; RS485 communication.

Size :


Resolution ratio :

480 x 480

Colour :

64K,16 bit RGB

Voltage :

5 - 36V

Communication :


Interface specifications :

2EDG - 3.81-4P

Screen :

Resistance touch screen

Touch :

Single point, sliding touch

Working temperature :

-20 ~ +70℃

Font library :

Built in vector font, edge anti aliasing processing,

Contains any size dot matrix ASCII/GBK/GB2312/UNICODE font library,

Customizable display of any computer font

Image storage :

Supports JPEG/PNG (semi transparent/full transparent) compression,

Supports storage of images of any size, and supports functions such as image rotation, enlargement, and reduction.

Accumulation can store approximately 150 full screen images (calculated at a size of 70KB per image, BMP format is not recommended).

The compression ratio of the image varies, and this value will fluctuate up and down

Program import method :

SD card write

Screen effective display area (AA)(L x W) :

71.9 x 70.2 mm

Dimensions(L x W x H) :

90.7 x 90.7 x 27.9 mm