Multi channel power amplifier

Key Features

• Multi channel power amplifier, each channel can provide power output of 8 ohms 200W and 4 ohms 400W

• Independent fully balanced, low distortion, low noise, high-speed HI-FI power amplifier circuit, which can provide delicate, transparent, and full sound resolution

• Complete amplifier protection circuit: short circuit protection, self-excited protection, overheating protection, DC protection

• Equal power output per channel, suitable for occasions such as movie bars, surround speakers, and supplementary speakers that require a large number of amplifiers and low power, making the system cost-effective to match

• Giant high-quality ring cow, high-quality high-capacity electrolytic capacitor, abundant power reserve, and abundant wealth

• High power audio dedicated transistor parallel output, can provide 30A high current output capacity, with a large output power margin

• High strength and high hardness box structure, sturdy and durable. The layout of the internal circuit is rigorous and reasonable, with strong anti-interference ability and low noise

• High quality aluminum alloy panels with a simple and elegant appearance

8Ω Single channel :


Single channel :


Frequency response :

  20 ~ 20kHz,±0.5dB


  ≤ 0.08%(1 kHz)

Signal-to-noise ratio :

  > 105 dB (A计权)

Channel separation :

  ≥ 63 dB

Gain :

  30 dB

Protections :

  Short Circuit, Self-Excitation, Overheating, DC Protection

Input connectors :


Output connectors :

  Phoenix Insertion

Power supply :

  220V / 50Hz

Product Dimensions(H x W x D) :

  100 x 483 x 410 mm

Package Dimensions(H x W x D) :

  145 x 565 x 535 mm

Net weight :

  19 kg

Shipping weight :

  21 kg

1.This power is measured according to EIA standards