The ema multi-media amplifier is an amplifier with powerful digital audio processing performance using ADI SHARC's fourth-generation ADSP-21489 floating-point audio DSP chip, providing up to 400 MHz/2200 MFLOP processor capability. Ultra-low noise floor preamplification circuit, low distortion analog circuit, 114 dB audio AD/DA conversion, providing high-quality sound for the scene. The front panel is equipped with a volume adjustment function and an audio signal indicator that can display the volume status, as well as the input and output channel volume status. LCD display, can cycle to display the current IP address of the device, the preset number currently used by the amplifier, the preset name, when there are multiple processors in the system, the administrator can quickly identify and distinguish the current amplifier. The front panel has network connection status indicators, error status alarm indicators. Powerful DSP algorithm and excellent built-in integrated digital amplifier can bring users a HIFI-like high-fidelity experience. Advanced AEC echo cancellation algorithms combined with adaptive feedback suppressors with very low distortion bring clear language to remote video conferences.

Integrated multimedia amplifier

Key features

High-performance floating-point DSP processing chip

8/16 channel balanced inputs, supports automatic mixing function

Support MIC/Line input, support 48V phantom power

8/16 channel balanced outputs

2/4 channel 200W digital power amplifier, high reliability, low distortion

Independent adaptive feedback suppressor for each input channel

Advanced AEC echo cancellation algorithm

Support 32 groups of scene preset functions

Input channels: preamplification, gate, compressor, 16-band parametric equalization, delay, automix

Output channels: 16-band parametric equalizer, divider, high-low pass filter, limiter, delay

Built-in signal generator: sine wave, pink noise, white noise

Front panel display shows IP address, current preset

Support RS-232, TCP/IP protocol, support third-party control




Input :

8 CH

16 CH

16 CH

Output :

8 CH

8 CH

16 CH

Power rating :

200W*2 8Ω

200W*4 8Ω

200W*4 8Ω


ADI ADSP‐21489 400 Mhz

Core algorithm :

Matrix mixing/automixing/echo cancellation

Sample rate/quantization :

48 kHz, 24 Bit ADC, 24 Bit DAC

Frequency response :

20 Hz-20 kHz, ±1 dB

Dynamic range :

114 dB, ADC, DAC


< 0.006%; 1 kHz@ +4 dBu

<0.005%;20 Hz‐20 kHz@ +4 dBu


400Mhz,400MIPS, 2200MFLOP

Inter-channel crosstalk :

> 60 dB/1 kHz; ≥50 dB/(20‐20 kHz)

Input/Output :

8+16 ch balanced,phoenix 4pin

Level :

+0 dBu


101 dB(± 3dB)

Maximum Level :

4.23 Vrms(±0.2V)

Input impedance :

> 10 k


> 70 dB@1 kHz


< - 125 dBu,22 Hz-22 kHz

Noise floor :

-90 dBu(unweighted)

Phantom Power :

+48 VDC

Channel resolution :

> 60 dB

Output impedance :

600 Ω

Preamplification :

0 - 40 dB analog gain,12 dB digital gain



Damping coefficient :

> 100(@100 Hz)

Dimension :

89 x 483 x 413 mm

Power supply :

220-240 V,50 Hz

Working environment :

-10℃~45 ℃

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