Inputs & Outputs:
Inputs 2 Balanced Analog inputs
Outputs 6 Balanced Analog outputs
Input Impedance > 10k ohms
Output Impedance < 60 ohms
Output Gain From +12dB to -50dB, 0.25 increment
Input Gain From +12dB to -50dB, 0.25 increment
System Performance:
Frequency Response (-0.3dB) 20Hz – 20kHz
THD+N < 0.02%
Sampling Rate 96kHz
Dynamic Range  > 85dB
Converts Frequency (high pass/low pass) 20Hz – 20kHz, 1Hz increment
Centre Frequency (high pass/low pass) 20Hz – 20kHz, 1/36 octave increment
Minimum Load Impedance 600ohms
Maximum Output Level +9dBu (600 ohms load)
Parameter EQ Gain From +12dB to -12dB, 0.01dB increment,
0.2-25 adjustable Q value, 0.1 increment,
10 bands filters on each output channel
High Pass & Low Pass Filter (Xover) Gain From +12dB to -48dB, 0.01dB increment,
Bessel/Butterworth 6/12/18/24dB each octave,
and Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave
Max Delay 5ms on each output
Limiter Threshold +9dBu to -50dBu
 Start-up Time: 0
 Release Time: 1-100
Phase 180 phase
System Protect Could set password to prevent unauthorized operation
Input Connectors XLR Female socket
Output Connectors XLR Male socket
USB Connector Square
Power Socket IEC socket
LCD Display 2 x 16 character type LCD display
Input Level Meter 2 x 7 points, -30dB to clip
Output Level Meter 6 x 7 point, -30dB to clip
Presets 100 computer presets/50 device presets
Language English, Germany, Spanish, French, Dutch
Version Information he version information of hardware, software and DSP module
Product Contour Size 482 x 125 x 44.5 (1U)
Outer Packing Size 525 x 195 x 110 (1U)
Total Weight 3kg
Power Consumption <10W
Power Pluggable Chinese standard 6.5A power cord
AC100V - 240V/50~60Hz.±10%

Cautions: ENNE reserves the right to make changes in specification without prior notice. The final specification is subject to user manual.