A Series


Line Array topology is employed to create cylindrical radiation, increasing throw and achieving a precise control of both horizontal and vertical dispersion. The A Series have been designed as versatile Line Arrays to be used in a variety of applications, from small theatres to large concerts.


A Series Line Arrays are designed to offer high levels of SPL and sound clarity with an unbeatable set-up time. Our transducers are custom made and all components are carefully selected to ensure maximum sound quality.
All the cabinets include class D amplification, with switching power supply. The integrated amplification far exceeds the transducer’s needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion. Furthermore a Digital Signal Processor is integrated in to each cabinet, optimizing all the system components and electronics. This DSP provides maximum system efficiency and total protection.



3-Way Line Array
Key Feature
  • Extremely high power, Self-powered Class D with PFC (Power Factor Correction), three-way Line Array.

  • Dual LF 12” (4” interleaved sandwich voice coil) neodymium woofers with double demodulating rings, Four MF 6.5” transducers with glass fiber cones & ultra-light voice coil and two HF 1.4” neodymium magnet drivers with titanium diaphragm and individual high precision wave guide.

  • DSP (FIR technology) controlled with 4000W amplification, 143dB SPL, built-in inclinometer.



Components : LF: 2 × 12”neodymium Interleaved Sandwich Voice Coil.
MF: 4 × 6.5” neodymium Glass fiber cones.
HF: 2 × 1.4” neodymium drivers with titanium diaphragm and individual wave guides.
Frequency Range (-10 dB) : 45 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) : 63 Hz - 18 kHz
Maximum SPL : 140 dB / 143 dB Peak
Coverage : 100° H × V according to configuration
Rated power (ASE) :

4000W Class D with switching power

(Continuous/Program/Peak) :

supply & PFC
LF Amplifier: 2 × 1200 W

MF Amplifier: 1 × 1000 W

HF Amplifier: 1 × 600 W

Processing : 56 bit dspb-24 with FIR filters
Control :

Cabinet angle detection-temperature sensor-Fan speed-Online Control

Control Connections : Ethernet (OCS) optional/USB (DSP programming)
AC Power : 85-270V. 50/60 Hz with PFC
AC Connections : 32A Neutrik powerCON NAC3FC-HC

Finish :

High resistant water-based black paint

Material : 15mm Premium birch plywood
Dimension (H x W x D) : 371×1175×505mm
Net Weight : 74Kg (163lbs)


Double 12" Subwoofer
Key Feature
  • High power, self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) sub-bass cabinet with two 12” (4” ISV voice coil) low frequency transducers with double spider for improved control & linearity, direct radiation configuration.

  • DSP controlled with 2000 W amplification, 136 dB SPL.



Components : 2 × 12” (4” voice coil), DUO
Frequency Range (-10 dB) : 45 Hz - 200 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) : 35 Hz - 250 Hz
Maximum SPL : 133 dB / 136 dB Peak
Format : Bass reflex, direct radiation
Coverage :

360° single unit

Rated power (ASE) :

2000W Class D with switching power supply

Processing : 56 bit dspb-22
Control :

emperature sensor-Fan speed

Control Connections : Ethernet (OCS) optional/USB (DSP programming)
AC Power : 230V/115V selectable. 50/60 Hz 5A
AC Connections : 16A Neutrik powerCON with link output
Finish :

High resistant water-based black paint

Material : 18mm Premium birch plywood
Dimension (H x W x D) : 522×646×525mm
Net Weight : 58Kg (128lbs)