KE Series

KE400 / KE500 /KE600 / KE800

Born to Professional Entertainment


  1. Combined with effective power systems, detail, intensity, razor, creating a wonderful space for entertainment sound.
  2. Working in an ideal linear Class-A output state, output stage of drive tube bringing the warmth of tone A-level amplifier.
  3. In the same kind of products on the market price advantage is obvious.
  4. All amplifiers in KE series adopt switching power supply series.
  5. Temperature gain as well as power clamp control technology, protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance. Meanwhile continuous output power with load make system more reliable. Whether amplifier continuous load or not is an important indicator of working in high-burden continuously. Effective temperature compensation to ensure a long continuous working state reliability.

Specifications (220V+)

Series KE400 KE500 KE600 KE800

8Ω Stereo* 350w x 2 850w x 2 650w x 2 850w x 2
4Ω Stereo** 550w x 2 750w x 2 950w x 2 1250w x 2
8Ω Bridge-Mono** 1100w 1500w 1900w 2500w

Product Dimensions(mm): 483x352.5x89 (2U) 483x402.5x89 (2U) 483x402.5x89 (2U) 483x452.5x89 (2U)
Gross Weight (±2.5kg): 15.2kg 18.4kg 18.8kg 24.1kg
AC220V/50Hz, ±10%
AC220V/50Hz, ±10%
AC220V/50Hz, ±10%
AC220V/50Hz, ±10%

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.5dB
Total harmonic distortion(THD): KE400/KE500/KE600<0.05%,KE800<0.08%
SNR: ≥96 dB
Damping: KE400/KE500>300, KE600/KE800>200
Separation: >60dB
Input Sensitivity: 0.775v/1.0v/32dB
Input impedance(balance/unbalance): 20kΩ/10kΩ
Amplifier Type: KE400 Class AB,KE500/KE600/KE800 Class 2H
Cooling: Ventilation blown backwards
Protection: Soft Start.VHF. Direct-current. Short. Overload. Distortion limiter. Overheat. Boot sound excessive

Input: Input xlr female socket in balance
Export: Two red and black terminal, NL4 speakon socket type
Function: Panel lights: Signal, Clipped, Protection, Power indicator

*The power is in accordance with the EIA standard.
**The power use a 40ms pulse 1kHz sinewave measured at 1% total harmonic distortion.