CA Series

Professional Power Amplifier
  • Unique isometric modules design, two channels use one module board, more convenient for product maintenance.
  • Class-D power amplifier provides independent full balance, low distortion, and low noise.
  • Power supply mode is used with Frequency Modulation and PWM module's regulated switch mode power ; and stable works at the limit of 185V power supply.

  • Perfect amplifier protection:Soft starter, Short circuit protection, Self-feedback protection, Clip protection, DC protection, etc.

  • Provide 2 input ports : XLR and Phoenix. Easily satisfy the needs of different applications.

  • 8-Channel amplifier suitable the application requirements of different occasions.



8Ω Output Power/CH


400W x 8, 20Hz-20kHz

4Ω output Power/CH


700W x 8, 20Hz-20kHz

Frequency Response


20Hz-2kHz, ±0.5dB



<0.2%, 20Hz-20kHz

Input Sensitivity



Signal to Noise Ratio


≥ 90dB

Crowss talk


≥50dB, 250Hz-10kHz; ≥60dB, 1kHz

Input Impedance



Net Weight/Gross Weight





483 x 435 x 89 mm

Packing Dimensions


610 x 590 x 180 mm

Power Requirements


AC 220V/50Hz


* The power is in accordance with the EIA standard.ours duration

Multi-Channel Amplifier
  • 7-Channel amplifier, each channel provides 200w@8ohms / 400w@4ohms output power.
  • Independent full-balanced, low distortion, low noise, high-speed HI-FI amplifier circuit, provides delicate, transparent, full sound resolution.
  • Perfect amplifier protection: Short circuit protection, Self-feedback protection, Overheat protection, DC protection, etc.
  • Equal output power at each channel, especially suitable for Mini-Cinema and other venues which need considerable number of low power amplifier to feed surround/fill loudspeakers. It can make the system with high performance/price ratio.

  • High quality traditional Toroidal Power Transformer, high capacity electrolytic capacitor with abundant power supply.

  • High Power audio-specific transistor parallel output, provides 30A high current output.

  • High strength, high surface hardness cabinet structure. Rigorous and reasonable inside circuit layout, strong anti-interference ability, low noise.

  • High quality Aluminium panels, simple but elegant.



8Ω Mono* : 200W
4Ω Mono* : 400W
Dimensions(H x W x D) : 100 x 483 x 410 mm
Weight :

19 Kg

Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 75k Hz,+1/-3dB
Total harmonic distortion :

≤ 0.08%(1 kHz)


105dB(A Weighting)

Separation : ≥ 75dB
Voltage Gain : 30dB
Protection : Short circuit protection, 
Self-feedback protection,
Overheat protection,
DC protection
Input Connector : Unbalanced RCA Connector
Output Connector : Phoenix Connector
Power Requirements : AC220V/50Hz


* The power is in accordance with the EIA standard.ours duration