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As a professional equipment manufacturers, designer and system provider, ENNE goals are simple:

We are to provide professional equipment per the market needs.

Our products are of the highest price / performance ratio.

We are improving all the time.

Based on our years of experience.

Since 1995, when we started our Sound Design endeavor, our founder Mr. Edward Noland continiousely responses to the market needs, has produced products which are applicable to Entertainment, Performance and cinema environment.

Thanks to the join effort from our design offices in Europe and America. These products all meet our critirias with highest safety requirement, they also are practical and economical.  Which are widely accepted in board range of markets.

While many of our products are imported from its original countries internationally, we have partners in China who are with high standard of Know-How, and stringent manufacturing skill. Many of our products are produced in China to meet the demanding China’s market need locatly.

With 20 years’ experience and a well-organized highly professional skillful Experts team, ENNE is a System Designer, Products Manufacturer and a Solution Provider.

Our founder Mr. Edward Noland started his Professional Sound Design Consultancy in Florida, USA, after years of experience, in responsed to the market request, many products suitable for Entertainment, Performance and Cinema are producted.

His business prosperous when he moved to San Mateo, LA.

ENNE expanded into Europe regions and built a research center in Valencia, Spain, and started to make ENNE’s products in China to response to the local demanding requirement, with a strong hold first in the rapid flourishing KTV market.

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